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The New York Times Events

The New York Times is celebrated for helping people understand the world through timely, rigorously reported journalism.

Our reimagined New York Times Events website upholds this mission by showcasing the breadth of NYT event offerings. Serving as a hub for live and virtual events, the platform consolidates past and future live journalism experiences while creating an online space for users to make connections, on and offline. Climate Change is 


UX Designer at AREA 17 


Research, UX Strategy and Wireframes


In an effort to streamline the presentation of NYT-affiliated events, which were previously scattered across various websites, we embarked on a project to centralize these events within a unified platform. This consolidation aimed to facilitate seamless integration into the broader NYT digital ecosystem.

To accomplish this task effectively, it was imperative for us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the digital technology stack utilized by The New York Times. This ensured that we could harmoniously incorporate new technologies, such as our custom CMS toolkit, Twill, within their digital infrastructure.

The New York Times (NYT) holds a distinctive position in curating gatherings of esteemed figures spanning politics, pop culture, the arts, and more, fostering meaningful, meticulously-documented, and highly buzzed-about dialogues. Our influence extends globally, exemplified by landmark events such as the tri-city "Climate Forward" conference and the beloved New York Times Food Festival. Our mission is to present NYT Events as news-worthy occasions in their own right.