SirusXM Media
Unlocking Infinite Waves of Success: Transforming Media's Portfolio

Time Period:
October, 2022 - June, 2023 ↗

SXM Media is the integrated sales division of Sirius XM Holdings Inc., encompassing its comprehensive range of audio entertainment platforms and services, including SiriusXM, Pandora, and Stitcher. Serving as the overarching entity that unifies our diverse portfolio of brands, we leverage the rich history, legacy, icons, and capabilities within this house of brands to craft our brand narrative and core mission. Our primary mission is to cater to advertisers, positioning ourselves as their preferred advertising partner, while distinctly separating ourselves from any role as a flagship brand that impacts the B2C side of our business.

Project Goal

→ Unify internally and externally by adopting the SiriusXM Media brand with a clear brand purpose and structure.
→ An adaptable portfolio structure for future acquisitions across diverse verticals and new brand integration.

→ Create a messaging framework to empower your sales team with consistent and effective communication.

→ Establish an easily implementable, flexible design system to empower creative and marketing teams in executing bold ideas.

Competitive analysis
Materials review
Content audit

Portfolio architecture
Masterbrand position
Messaging framework

Content strategy & ideas
Visual identity
Brand guidelines
Product brief

Information Architecture
Module Building

Team Member

Kate Weimer
Strategy Director

Hannah Conway

Senior Strategist

Aimee Shi
UX Strategist

Tom Rattigan

Production Director


Over the past weeks, we aligned on brand messaging & architecture that strategically position SiriusXM Media, develop a confident messaging platform and streamline your portfolio. Next step for us was to put the SiriusXM Media brand into practice by developing a web experience that reinforces your identity and reflects the range of your portfolio and services.


Audience workshops
Google Analytics
Heauristic Evaluation

KPI Identification 

Competitor Research
Field Study

Understanding your audience and their journeys

We mapped out primary and secondary audiences, and gained greater clarity into their mindset and content needs. We also looked at how your clients engage with your website within the larger sales journey, and how your website facilitates conversion and sales. 

Current Site Key Findings

A lack of brand messaging and unclear navigation structure are contributing to your misperception.

The Ad Solutions tab prompts questions more than it provides answers. 

Content should be a tool for lead gen - not a barrier for entry.

Key content blocks lack clarifying details.