Who do you serve?

If we align on which users the website should prioritize, we can focus our attention on optimizing the most critical paths in the experience.

Primary Audiences
• Media planners
• Media buyers
• Small businesses

Secondary Audiences

  • VIPs
  • Brand marketers
  • Industry partners
  • Creative agencies

Media Planner


• Strategic media planning advice for buyers
• Consideration of TAs and preferences.
• Evaluate available channels and formats for suitability and effectiveness.


• Find insights and information about different verticals.
• Prequalify SiriusXM Media for consideration in the buy, and evaluate the company against media and audio competitors
• Contact the right people


• Research and recommendations by planner
• Allocation of advertising spend.
• Optimization for high ROI in campaigns.


• Build reports that ultimately inform key decisions (budget etc.)
• Determine spend, ROl and value based on data
• Identify the optimal delivery vehicles for their ads
• Gather details needed to construct an effective RFP


• Seeking viable candidates for advertising needs.
• Prioritizing budget in candidate selection.
• Emphasizing execution capabilities in potential candidates.
• Considering localization expertise.
• Focusing on candidates' ability for effective campaign measurement.


• Determine whether SiriusXM Media can fulfill their advertising needs
• Determine whether they're qualified to advertise with SiriusXM Media Read case studies and get expert insight and tips
• Evaluate audio as a format
• Launch campaign quickly and efficiently.