For the new website to be successful, it needed to both address business goals and meet user needs.

When we examined the space where business and user goals overlap, two key content tensions can help us refine our focus.

Users’ needs

→ Understand
Get to know SiriusXM Media’s portfolio and offerings
→ Learn
Gain insights to build effective reports and RFPs
→ Evaluate

Determine whether SiriusXM Media is the right partner 

Business Goal

→ Establish

Stand out as a leader in the media industry
→ Clarify

Streamline organization and sales strategy
→ Drive

Generate leads for new business

Our vision for SiriusXM Media's digital experience takes a brand-first approach and facilitates the buying journey.


Tell a story of SiriusXM Media
that's easy to understand and
share with others.


Simplify users' journeys
by prioritizing discoverability
and utility.


Provide upfront value
that motivates users to
take the next step.